MadMapper BETA 5 ⎟ Newsletter #13

MadMapper BETA program Newsletter #13

MADMAPPER 2.5 beta 5

Dear MadMapper BETA User. thanks to your feedbacks  we are glad to announce that    MadMapper 2.5 BETA 5 is now available .  This version is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra  and will Expire on October 16,  2016. 

You need a MadMapper 2.0 serial to run this  beta version. If your current version of MadMapper is 1.x and you purchased MadMapper before 2015, you have to purchase the upgrade by logging on the MadMapper yourspace page and click on the upgrade link.

Download MadMapper BETA 5


+ Added Image Folder player
+ Added Text Generator & Grid Generator
+ Canon: updated to EDSDK 3.5
+ Added Image Folder player (plays a folder of image, where you can add /remove files dynamically)
+ Added vertex noise shader on 3D Surfaces
+ Added “New project from Video Wall template” to create a video wall (that you can export several synced miniMADs in a few steps)

+ Movie synchronisation over the network: connect the miniMADs on the same ethernet network to synchronise them automatically (including media change, pause, restart, playback mode, audio mode, image display time)
+ Mesh-warping support on Quads
+ Brightness / contrast per surface export from MadMapper + individual and global control in miniMAD: press Blue to switch to the next surface
+ Movie restart function by holding the down button on the miniMAD
+ Whole surface moving using the miniMAD buttons
+ Faster control point selection by holding yellow & blue buttons while in mapping mode
+ Media selection using 1,2,3..0 keys on the USB keyboard
+ Improved overall performance
+ Improved control modes status display (coloured outlines)

 Export to miniMAD:
+ Added video file cropping to the visible part on the selected projector resulting in better overall performance and quality on the miniMAD in addition to avoiding manual video file cropping when using synchronisation
+ No more media scan at opening or when inserting the miniMAD SD-card


 FFMPEG movie player:
* Audio/Video sync was sometimes not perfect with FFMPEG player
* Improved FFMPEG audio playback quality
* Fixed some audio click with FFMPEG player
* With some codecs we were not getting the last frames
* When switching preset, with movies with audio playback, audio might not start in certain situations
* Fixed a startup issue on old OSX versions
* Fixed possible crash when an Enttec USB device is plugged
* Fixed 3D Surface calibration handles size
* When recalling a preset where a movie is in “Play Once” and it was actually playing and finished, it wouldn’t restart
* Fixed fullscreen cursor (Output / Show Cursor) when using multiple outputs
* Lines: fixed rounded & blur handling if not using a surface shader
* Fixed a problem with DMX Output (MadLight) on Intel HD 4000
* Export to miniMAD: Fixed miniMAD eject on Mac OS 10.11

* Fixed a problem that prevented the miniMAD to switch to certain resolutions supported by the connected display

Please write a detailed description in order to be able to reproduce your  issue. Please also include your computer and system configuration and the Console Log.

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